Patient Stories: Joseph DiSanto

Mr. Joseph DiSanto and his wife, Victoria.
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Joseph DiSanto knows a problem when he sees it. The retired electrician had been experiencing troubling symptoms when he went to see a urologist, who recommended an MRI for prostate screening. As Mr. DiSanto suspected, there was something to be worried about: a lesion on his prostate.

His friends and urologist recommended he trust Dr. David Silver, Director of the Division of Urology and leader of the Maimonides Prostate Center, to oversee his treatment. After a consult and a biopsy, Dr. Silver developed a personalized care plan for Mr. DiSanto — a combination of prostate medication therapy and screenings every other year.

“I’m so glad I chose Dr. Silver,” Mr. DiSanto reflected. “He’s knowledgeable, approachable and takes the time to answer questions in a way that’s easy to understand. His entire team was reassuring and accommodating. We always knew they were just a phone call or text away.”


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