Patient Stories: Oswald Rodriguez

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It’s difficult to prepare for the unexpected in life, especially when your health is concerned. When Bronx resident Oswald Rodriguez developed prostate cancer, he sought the best treatment from Dr. David Silver, Director of the Division of Urology, who leads the Maimonides Prostate Center. Mr. Rodriguez made the long commute to Brooklyn, confident that the exceptional care at Maimonides was worth the trip.

Mr. Rodriguez’s sister and caregiver, Lisette Sosa, helped her brother, whose native language is Spanish, overcome any linguistic barriers when communicating with his Maimonides care team. Dr. Silver assured them that he would take his time in conveying all important clinical information, and that Maimonides could provide additional translation services if necessary.

Based on Mr. Rodriguez’s condition and unique health needs, Dr. Silver advised Mr. Rodriguez to undergo a prostatectomy to treat his prostate cancer. The prostatectomy was a success.

The entire Maimonides Prostate Center team was by Mr. Rodriguez’s side every step of the way. They also provided important support services and resources. Backed by his Maimonides care team, Mr. Rodriguez is now in recovery with a positive outlook for the future.

“It’s been a very pleasant experience all around, and everything has been going well so far since treatment,” Mr. Rodriguez explained. “Dr. Silver has been excellent and very professional. He and his entire team have made me and my family feel incredibly comfortable under their care.”


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