Patient Stories: Sigfredo Mercado

Sigfredo Mercado
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Maimonides Provides Lifelong Care

Sigfredo Mercado was born at Maimonides Medical Center, where he has received expert care at various points in his life.

Recently, he experienced pain in his neck that also radiated down his arm and numbness in his hand and fingers. After being examined by Vice Chair of Orthopedics Dr. Afshin Razi, Mr. Mercado was informed by the doctor that he had two herniated discs and Dr. Razi recommended a same-day surgical procedure to address the issues.

Dr. Razi and Dr. John Houten, Director of Spinal Neurosurgery, successfully performed the surgery (two levels of cervical fusion), while providing multidisciplinary comprehensive care to ensure a swift and speedy recovery for Mr. Mercado.

Mr. Mercado continues to receive therapy to help maximize the effectiveness of his outcome. He can now move his arm freely. The Sunset Park resident and maintenance supervisor has also resumed many of his daily activities, including spending time with his wife and grandson and coaching baseball.

“The treatment I received at the Maimonides Spine Center, as well as at the Medical Center, was exceptional,” Mr. Mercado said in a recent interview. “I was treated with respect and professionalism by the entire staff, and they reassured me and made me comfortable throughout the whole process. I’m very appreciative of the care I received at Maimonides.”


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