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Patient Stories: Henry Ogonosky

Henry Ogonosky became concerned when he started to frequently feel out of breath. The then 79-year-old Bay Ridge resident was used to being active, visiting with his 27 grandkids and shaving a few strokes off his golf game. The results of a cardiac stress test indicated Mr. Ogonosky needed an angiogram. This test checks for

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Patient Stories: Bob Marcolini

Meet Bob Marcolini, an active 80-year-old from Brooklyn who found himself facing down prostate cancer. Thanks to the help of new Medicare coverage for the groundbreaking Focal HIFU technology as a treatment for prostate cancer and the efforts of Dr. David Silver and his dedicated team at the Maimonides Prostate Center, Bob’s story has a happy ending.

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Patient Stories: Ernest Weinberger

After recovering from COVID-19, Ernest Weinberger suffered a severe STEMI heart attack. Learn what crucial procedure saved his life and led to a speedy recovery at Maimonides Medical Center, a hospital highly regarded for heart-attack treatment.

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Patient Stories: Roberto Medina

You may know Roberto Medina from his stage name, Sapphire Starr. Having performed in clubs and musical revues across the New York area, Mr. Medina has always enjoyed a vibrant, active lifestyle. When health issues began to impact his daily life, he turned to the Maimonides Prostate Center for care. Mr. Medina was diagnosed with a rare, benign Leydig cell tumor.

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Patient Stories: Pasquale Santoro

Mr. Pasquale Santoro was the first patient to undergo Next Generation Focal HIFU Treatment at the Maimonides Prostate Center. Maimonides is the FIRST and ONLY medical center on the East Coast to offer this leading edge treatment.

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